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Name:Fangirl Squee, Pixie Child's Way
Website:fai_dust @ dreamwidth
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Community description:Pixie Child's (<user name="fai_dust">) fanworks
Dark. Angst. Dawn. Faith. Tara.
Jo. Boomer. Helo. Beka. Pixie. Karma. Lucy in the Sky. Wiccan. Dax. Fraiser. Weir. Danny Tripp. Ianto. Akani.

This is a comm for Pixie Child's fanfiction and other fannish squee.

Fanfiction master list;
The genres I tend to write most are angst and femslash. (Quite often together. It's a thing.) But that's not that's all that's there, so even if femslash (or slash in general) isn't your thing, you may still find something to read.

Alpha Squadron is Love

Interests (134):

aiden/stella, alison blaire, allison blake, andromeda, andromeda fanfiction, andromeda slash, anole, apollo/helo, b'elanna torres, babysitters club, batgirl, battlestar galactica, beka valentine, beka/trance, billy kaplan, birds of prey, black canary, black canary/oracle, bobby/john, boom-boom, boomer, boomer/starbuck, bsc slash, bsg 2003, bsg fanfiction, bsg femslash, bsg slash, buffy the vampire slayer, cam/john, cameron mitchell, caprica, carter/stark, catherine/sara, cessily kincaid, charles gunn, chloe sullivan, chloe/lana, cyclops, cyclops/rogue, cyclops/wolverine, daniel/jack, danny tripp, danny/matt, daria, daria/jane, dawn slash, dawn/cordelia, dawn/eve, dawn/faith, dazzler, dazzler/pixie, deep space nine, dylan/harper, elizabeth weir, elizabeth/teyla, elle greenaway, eureka, eureka maru, eureka slash, evan lorne, f/f, fairies, fanfiction, fred/tara, i know stuff, ianto jones, ianto/jack, international day of femslash, jack carter, jack/nathan, jadzia dax, janet fraiser, janeway/torres, jo lupo, jo/zane, john sheppard, jubilee/kitty, kara thrace, kate bishop, kira nerys, kitty/rogue, lady blackhawk, laura kinney, layla miller, lee adama/karl agathon, lesbianisim, lindsay walker, lindsay/tru, lucy in the sky, marvel comics, marvel femslash, matt albie, megan gwynn, mitchell/sheppard, new mutants, new x-men, nori ashida, northstar, orical, pixie, rictor, rogue, sam/janet, sara sidle, scott summers, seamus harper, sga, sharon agathon, sharon valerii, sharon/kara, sofia mantega, star trek femslash, starbuck, studio 60 slash, surge, tabitha smith, the scarlet witch, trance gemini, trip, trip/t'pol, tru davies, tru/jack, tru/lindsey, trust in the harper, vala mal doran, victor borkowski, willow/angelus, willow/tara, wind dancer, x-23, x-men femslash, xi'an coy manh, young avengers, zane donovan
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